Who We Are


Tikambilanie - Sustainable Communication
A prominent Zambian theatre, song and dance group generating pedagogues from community based theatre for development.
A Zambian environmental NGO directed by the Zambian environmentalist – Mr. Emmanuel Mutambashiku.
A UK Charitable Company founded to explore the possibility of exchanging techniques for social and environmental problem allievation between and across cultures.

Traditional and Contemporary Arts

Consultancy in Participatory Methodologies

Workshop Facilitation

Script Development

Community Engagement

Advocacy & Lobbying

Environmental Assessments

Participatory Approaches

Community Education


Workshops in Culture & Tradition, Participation & Environmental Development

International Exchanges

Community Activities

Festival Celebrations


Sustainable Environment

Cross-Cultural Diversity

Formal / Informal Education

George (Left), Phillip (Right)

Emmanuel (Centre)

Board of Directors:

James Clark Mike Desson Hannah Smith Robbie Fay Andrew Clark Christopher Fergusson Sara Wright Mary Clark Christopher Reay Andrew Johnson Robin Clark Andrew Dawson

Tikambilanie Project Partners (TPP) – Rather than claiming to have answers, Kamoto and The Green Living Movement offer a technique for exploring a situation that enables people to come together and work to improve it. In some senses a simple approach, it is versatle enough to deal with the subtleties that occur when dealing with habits, tradition and differing cultures. Great respect is given to the individuality of each situation, which is why Tikambilanie wants to work with existing organisations, exchanging ideas and techniques. through practical examples .

Tikambilanie is looking to slowly develop an international network where local communities can learn from each other and experts.

Share experiance & expertise.


Kamoto Community Arts at the World Village Festival, Helsinki, 2008.


Tikambilanie is dedicated to joining together existing capacity to maximise what communities can themselves achieve, please sign-up.
If you know or have worked with any individuals, groups or organisations who might be interested please use the link above to let us know about them, or send them a link to here.