Green Living Movement

A short presentation from the director can be seen here.

Tikambilanie 2009 words from the Director, Emmanuel Mutamba


The Green Living Movement (GLM), is a Zambian registered non-governmental organisation committed to ensuring environmental protection, sustainable rural development and help to eradicate all forms of poverty. The organisation was formed in 1997 as "Green House foundation." It was formed by a group of Zambians concerned with the lack of awareness initiatives on the environment.

The organisation re-focussed itself to specific environment and development areas outlined in its objectives and in line with the National Environmental Action Plan of December 1994. It changed the name to Green Living Movement (GLM) in May 2000 and is a registered legal entity.


Emphasis is placed on activities and programmes that address the plight of the rural poor and management of natural resources.

The aspects of self-help, food security and participation and resource conservation are taken into consideration. GLM'S key area of priority is promoting the involvement of young people in the mainstream development processes.

Aims and Objectives

  • To address the social effects that negatively impact on implementation of sustainable agriculture systems
  • To replicate the programme in one other area in a different geographical zone preferably in a harsher environment in order to create comparative impacts and community responses to new initiatives
  • To advocate for sustainable policies and practices that will enhance environmental quality and enable small scale farmers attain house hold food security and to use Green Times as a vehicle for lobbying and advocacy
  • To further strengthen management and organisational capacity of GLM to implement programme activities that will address challenges that have arisen over the last three years
  • To promote economic benefits that accrue from a well managed environment (beekeeping, poles, crop marketing etc)
  • To sensitise political leadership on the need to incorporate conservation farming practices in national agricultural policies


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