Bristol, in particularly the Trinity Road Area, centred around Saint Paul's plays host to the very first Tikambilanie event. This will be the UK launch and last 3 months. This is considered to be about the minimum amount of time necessary for serious cultural exchange to be possible.


The hosts will be two Zambian NGO's with a wealth of public participation and community communication experience , Kamoto and The Green Living Movement. The idea being that existing public and community organisations within the area can explain and demonstrate their methods and current situations and facilitate the introduction of some new techniques that are deemed suitable following initial discussions. In this way we allow our selves to learn from each other, increasing our potential for positive impacts.


Social and Environmental issues concern us all, all over the world. Rather than remain entirely preoccupied with our own particular situation, if we can encourage an open dialogue locally, nationally and internationally, we should be in a better position from where to view our own situations and develop successful strategies for progress.


The specific issues should not be defined before the programme starts but occur from initial meetings with local communities and groups. However following on from current local and national topics of concern a number of case studies that would form suitable programmes have been suggested.


Bristol is an excellent host location for the UK launch as it already, very successfully, demonstrates and supports a great cultural diversity and community movements. It is the ideal city to represent the wealth of positive enthusiasm that British culture can offer. The chance to blend this with experianced and expert Zambian community workers and artists offers a very exciting opportunity to capture imaginations, break down existing barriers and develop truly modern, global and intergrated solutions for our future.