Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) Environmental Knowledge Transfer – Oxford University, January 28th

Tikambilanie is delighted to have been asked to present at the IEMA Knowledge Exchange 2009. . It offers the opportunity to involve and incorporate technical experts, policy makers and funding bodies with the rest of the programme that is fundamentally public based. Whilst Tikambilanie believes that solutions lie in the hands of the individuals that make up local communities there is no doubt that there is benefit to be gained from much of the cutting edge scientific discovery and research that exists today. Tikambilanie suggests that incorporating any technical solution is far from a trivial part of reaching successful and sustainable implementation. Whilst offering ways to drastically improve such integration Tikambilanie wants to consider the potential benefit from the corresponding return path. Using participative techniques across a wide range or a specific user group can we define the precise user requirements to the academics and policy makers in such away that better optimised solutions can be developed and successfully implemented.

Bath Half Marathon - March 15th 2009

We have two runners that will be attempting the half marathon to raise funds to enable the UK launch to be as succesful as possible.

Tikambilanie - UK Launch - Two or Three Months between June & October.

Although we have yet to confirm precise dates it is all but certain that memeber of Kamoto and The Green Living Movement will be in the UK across May, June, July and August. We still have opportunities for interested parties to sign up to one of our existing streams, suggest a new one or volunteer their support.