First Press Release

Starting out is all about spreading the word, getting people interested and encouraging them to hop on board! Publicity in all forms can be of great use, Tikambilanie's first published article appeared in the Spring edition of the University of Bristol's Engineering Publication, 'LycnchPin' and can be viewed here.

Bath Half Marathon - March 15th 2009 - 2 * 2 hours 2mins!

We had two runners that raised the first funds towards the UK launch. Despite a little trepidation leading up to the event, Andrew & James managed a relax chaty first 10k before knuckling down and finishing the last 11+k in less than an hour. Total time 2 hours 2 mins.

Thank you to everybody that has sponsored us! The pledged money is still coming in, it is thought we may have raised upto £500 - thats nearly another flight! Well done!!

Tikambilanie - UK Launch - Three Months Between June & October 2009.

Although we have yet to confirm precise dates it is all but certain that members of Kamoto and The Green Living Movement will be in the UK across between June and October. We still have opportunities for interested parties to sign up to one of our existing streams, suggest a new one or volunteer their support.

We are aiming for at least 9 members of Kamoto and The Green Living Movement to come over for the first UK launch but currently only have enough funding for 3 to 4, please help in anyway you can. Even just signing up and showing your support helps!

Turkey-Syria-Lebanon, Tikambilanie's First Cycle (April)

As another fundraising event we have managed to recruit some brave volunteers to cycle from Ankara to Beirut. Predicted to be between 1000-2000km depending upon the availability of tracks through the wilderness there is the usual mixture of excitement and trepidation amongst the riders.

Joe will be joining Dom and James for the first leg to Andana, before the others venture off across the hills into Syria. Please sponsor any team member if you are able or offer assistance in any other way.

Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) Environmental Knowledge Transfer – Oxford University, January 28th

See the presentation here!

Tikambilanie is delighted to be presenting at the IEMA Knowledge Exchange 2009. This is a tremendous opportunity to present to, and collaborate with technical experts, policy makers and funding bodies

Whilst solutions to societal issues lie in the hands of the individuals that make up community, be it local or global, there is much to be gained from the application of leading scientific research and discovery.

Incorporating any technical solution represents a far from trivial aspect of reaching successful and sustainable implementation. Whilst offering ways to drastically improve this process, Tikambilanie seeks to develop and articulate the potential benefits of a corresponding return path.

Using participative techniques across a range of user groups we can present precise user requirements for academics and policy makers, such that better optimised solutions can be developed and successfully implemented.

UPDATE: The event was very successful and the presentation generally well received. A number of the audience showed particular interest and some potential for collaboration materialised. The presentation can be found here.

Web-site launch

January 2009 sees the launch of the Tikambilanies website. We wish to thank Jim of for his time and talent. As our programmes and projects develop so too will the website. Comments and contributions are most welcome (