Let's Dance

“Lets Dance!” aims to share the spirit of dance with as many people as possible. Supporting excellent events such as Earthdance and the proposed December 21st 2012 global celebration , Tikambilanie members will be encouraging the uptake of dance at every opportunity.

During UK festivals and in Bristol, Kamoto will be running dance workshops on-site for everybody from families to hard-core ravers. Throughout the UK programme we will also be running an entertaining program where Kamoto explore the different dance cultures within Bristol and on the Festival scene. We also propose that Kamoto drummers provide entertainment mid-way through a DJ's dance set.


The following are examples of events that can be organised :

  • African Dance Workshops - Performances, training workshops, history and meaning.
  • Cross-cultural dance, everybody invited to add elements from their own style of dance
  • Dance for Freedom, an initiative that through working with people in small numbers, attempts to get the collective moving.
  • Drumming with Dance DJ's
  • Community Participative Drama - local issues, issues we feel strongly about. Communicate to others.

Kamoto Dance Videos

Kamoto Drama Videos