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Tikambilanie - Teaching - UK <> ZAMBIA

We are actively looking for volunteers to deliver our first Tikambilanie project in Ngombe Township, Lusaka, during the summer of 2013. Develop links between Zambian and UK Schools, deliver upto date teacher Training to and with Zambian teachers and the initial development of 'Kamoto Village' a hub for NGO knowledge sharing and the disemination of best practice.

Open Invitation UK Launch :- In the spirit of Tikambilanie - Get Involved

We are actively looking to get as many people involved in the project as possible. The more we are, together, the more we can do.

Experience the new approach!

We still have some spaces available for organisations, community groups and schools during the UK Launch between May-Aug 2009. If you are interested in finding out how you could benefit by working with Kamoto and The Green Living Movement and becoming part of Tikambilanie then please follow the links below.

Collaboration, mix up the Arts!

If you are a UK or Bristol artist, dancer, DJ, event or festival organiser and would be interested in meeting and sharing experiences with Kamoto and The Green Living Movement please get in touch.

Help us, help yourself!

Everybody or organisation can help whether its by joining in spirit, offering services or goods, donations financial or in kind

Link up - Work with Kamoto.

Offer Accommodation, food, transport, equipment or venues.

Participate in existing programmes.

Sign up to Stay Informed



Turkey-Syria-Lebanon, Tikambilanie's First Cycle (April)

As another fundraising event we have managed to recruit some brave volunteers to cycle from Ankara to Beirut. Predicted to be between 1000-2000km depending upon the availability of tracks through the wilderness there is the usual mixture of excitement and trepidation amongst the riders.

Joe will be joining Dom and James for the first leg to Andana, before the others venture off across the hills into Syria. Please sponsor any team member if you are able or offer assistance in any other way.

Tikambilanie - UK Launch - Three Months Between June & October 2009.

Although we have yet to confirm precise dates it is all but certain that members of Kamoto and The Green Living Movement will be in the UK across between June and October. We still have opportunities for interested parties to sign up to one of our existing streams, suggest a new one or volunteer their support.

We are aiming for at least 9 members of Kamoto and The Green Living Movement to come over for the first UK launch but currently only have enough funding for 3 to 4, please help in anyway you can. Even just signing up and showing your support helps!

Zambian Launch Preparation:- Autumn / Winter 2009

After the initial launch in UK in May 2009, the first return leg of Tikambilanie will take place in Zambia later in the year. During the UK launch a transferable 'message' from Bristol and the Festival Circuit will have been created to be shown during the Zambian launch. By the end of the Zambian launch as well as their own messages, a response to the those that came over from the UK shall be composed so that a continuous communication process begins.

Bath Half Marathon - March 15th 2009

We have two runners that will be attempting the half marathon to raise funds to enable the UK launch to be as successful as possible.

Thank you to everybody that has sponsored us! Andrew & James are both very happy, though slightly disappointed not to be just the other side of two hours! As the limbs and joints recover the total sponsorship raised appears to be approaching £500. Which is a ticket! Great News!


Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) Environmental Knowledge Transfer – Oxford University, January 28th

See the presentation here!

Tikambilanie is delighted to have been asked to present at the IEMA Knowledge Exchange 2009. . It offers the opportunity to involve and incorporate technical experts, policy makers and funding bodies with the rest of the programme that is fundamentally public based. Whilst Tikambilanie believes that solutions lie in the hands of the individuals that make up local communities there is no doubt that there is benefit to be gained from much of the cutting edge scientific discovery and research that exists today. Tikambilanie suggests that incorporating any technical solution is far from a trivial part of reaching successful and sustainable implementation. Whilst offering ways to drastically improve such integration Tikambilanie wants to consider the potential benefit from the corresponding return path. Using participative techniques across a wide range or a specific user group can we define the precise user requirements to the academics and policy makers in such away that better optimised solutions can be developed and successfully implemented.

Birth of Tikambilanie - The World Village Festival, Helsinki, May 25th 2008

Phillip, George and James took a break from Kamoto's hectic schedule whilst touring Finland in a staffless hotel bedroom to discuss how best to incorporate knowledge and skills from different cultures in a manner that could benefit both. It immediately became clear that people face similar issues in all places. At the same time the unique approach to each situation was seen as imperative for successful sustainable solutions. It is the method or approaches developed in different places that can be used, adapted and developed with new audiences which offer the greatest potential for progress. As long as it is seen as a learning process in both directions it was felt that there was a huge potential to benefit for all participants. After some discussion, all agreed that for Tikambilanie to be successful, it should start small on a local scale in both places (Bristol & Zambia). In years to come and through a network that grows as further programmes developed a multiplier effect is expected.